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MC Mozart's Classical Smackdown
Music & Nightlife
19.09.2017 19:30

MC Mozart's Classical Smackdown

"The refreshing thing about the event is the way it energises classical music in a non-trivial way and without the repertoire having to suffer – all in the hands of skilled, focused musicians who are given room to fool about and explore. Everyone wins." - The Guardian (

Have you ever settled down to re-watch that classic picture, 8 Mile, and thought “this rap battle lacks classical music”? Of course you have, and so have we.

Join us at the strange and wonderful event of the season: MC Beethoven's Classical Smackdown a classical music battle with old dead white boys, booze and perhaps even a rogue bassoon.

Hosted by the Ghost of Beethoven, two of London's most talented young classical musicians will be invited to perform just 10 minute sets on the torrid themes of: love, despair, anger and joy.

You shall choose the victor of each round, and ultimate impoverished musician who DOMINATES the Smackdown will be offered a bottle of champagne, and a bow from the Ghost himself.

MUSICIANS: if interested in taking part email us on

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