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GamerDisco Wimbledon special & Retro megamix!
Music & Nightlife
19.07.2017 19:30

GamerDisco Wimbledon special & Retro megamix!


Wimbledon wraps up just a few days before Gamerdisco this month, but let's see if we can keep the spirit of the tennis season going just a little bit longer with our main event tonight: a fast and furious doubles tournament with Mario and chums! Boasting vibrant graphics, intuitive gameplay and some unexpectedly funny cutscenes, this is easily one of the best Mario sports titles to date and a fantastic party game. We're sure it will be a... smash hit? *badum-tss*


Retro renegade James brings us his real NES with a stack of familiar favourites and exclusive gems you definitely won't find on the classic mini! Most of these have a two player mode*:

Mr Gimmick, *Joy Mech Fight, New Ghostbusters 2, Fire'n Ice, *Jackal, *Tengen Ms Pac Man, *Tengen Tetris, *Crisis Force, *Micro Machines, *Blades of Steel, *Marble Madness, Zooming Secretary, *Mr Splash, *Contra, *Battletoads, *Mendel Palace, *Snow Bros, *Shadow of the Ninja, *Galaxy 5000, Battle Kid 2, Panic Restaurant, Castlevania III, Batman, *Super Mario Bros 3 battle mode, Mike Tyson's Punch Out

ALSO AVAILABLE by the bar and in the back room: our two trusty PS1s with a red-hot selection of single and multiplayer classics available on request!

Tekken 3, Crash Bandicoot, Metal Slug X, Wipeout 2097, Devil Dice, Crash Team Racing, Castlevania, FF7 and... DOOM


Game Touch VGM remixer and Music Composer and Producer with a big soft spot for French House and Groovy Music. His musical works have been featured on Billboard, GameInformer, Destructoid, ScrewAttack and RadioSEGA. ALL THE WAY FROM ITALY!!

Our superstar DJ returns from Glastonbury to play you an eceletic mix of Electro, ChipTune, JPop, KPop, Gaming Themes, Glitchy beats and the freshest cuts of Monkey Raffle this side of Western Winnebago.

Over 18's only
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