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Ladybeard, MacGuffin, Real Review & more on magazine making
Music & Nightlife
18.07.2017 18:30

Ladybeard, MacGuffin, Real Review & more on magazine making

The Stack Awards 2017 opens for entries this month, so we're bringing together a group of last year's winners for a night of independent magazine greatness. Come along and immerse yourself in some of the most exciting and ambitious publishing happening anywhere right now.

// Featuring //
Kirsten Algera & Ernst van der Hoeven, MacGuffin
Seb Emina, The Happy Reader (& Fantastic Man)
Johannes Lenhard, King's Review
Sadhbh O'Sullivan, Hannah Abel Hirsch and Scarlet Evans, Ladybeard
Jack Self, Real Review

Tickets cost just £6:

As well as all the magazine presentations we’ll have plenty of time afterwards for questions from the audience. These titles represent some of the most ambitious and exciting independent magazines in print today, so book your place now and join us for this one-off greatest hits event.

You may even leave feeling inspired to enter this year's awards. (We hope.)

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