Attract more visitors through social networks!

Link your Facebook page and transfer your events to EVENTSAROUND.ME

EVENTSAROUND.ME is a social aggregator that collects Facebook events from our members and forms upcoming events timeline. To participate in project, you only need to have Facebook business fan page and place where to meet.

Here you can see an example of your transferred event.

Increase your popularity on social networks

All aggregated events include all references to the original Facebook event and functionality of "JOIN" button that gives full connection with Facebook.

Attract the attention of new customers

EVENTSAROUND.ME provides a possibility to choose events in calendar order, what allows a visitor to find your event exactly in his spare time.

Follow the growth of your business

Each member has access to personal control panel, where is possible to create reports and charts of events effectiveness in the time range.

Start streaming your Facebook events for free now!